Need help developing a website

Hi all,

I am new here and to PHP!!! I am trying to create a website for my small used car business, ie I am wanting to have a website where I can list the cars, pictures, details, contact info…etc

Is there any template that I can use so that I dont need to physically make ever single page for every single car? ie is tehre any wasy, I can input the details,pics,price…etc on a single page which makes the whole site for me??

I would really appreciate someones help.



If you know a little PHP & MySQL, this is a fairly simple process. However, if you dont, check out some of the Content Management systems at, Im sure they will be what you are looking for.


Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate your help.

Could you do me a favor? I tried that site, but was not sure which one is going to work for this application. Could you possibly have a look and let me know? its to setup an online used car lot

Thanks a bunch
I really appreciate it!


Obviously I can’t speak for carella, but it seems to me that this is your business and you ought to be contributing a little effort. We can’t do everything for you. Carella already saved you the effort of writing the script, which you were obviously about to try to do, and now you can’t even look around the site a bit to find which one to use? Check the descriptions! Look for some sort of content management system. Find some highly rated ones, download them, and install them. Try them out. Put in some field time. We aren’t here to work for you.

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