need help creating a dynamic webpage


Hello all,

Trying to create a dynamic webpage but for somereason i can’t seem to wrap my head around on how to. basically what I like to do is have a dynamic webpage with title on top, menus options on the left, the body to diplay results and a footer.

Any selection i select from menu should display the result in the body for example, the content of a database.

Whats the best approach
using frames, using tables whats the best way to create this so down the road its not hard to modify.

I looked high and low for a good example but cant seem to find one or i’m not putting in the write search words.
can someone maybe help me out with some suggestons/ideas or email me with really good links that takes you from start to finish.

any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated


Sounds to me like you should consider … gle+Search and then you can look at as a lauching point.