Need existing code fixed

Our client has an existing website built with PHP and Joomla. There is one particular page that is having an issue and we have so far been unable to locate the cause. This is a site that we did not build, we host the site but are not developers. We fix minor things here and there but this one is beyond our scope. I am willing to pay someone to fix this issue, and it needs tended to asap. Should be a quick buck for someone as I don’t believe it will take coders with the caliber of talent on this site all that long to resolve.

I can do the work !

Please reach me over email- [email protected] or skype: live:.cid.e0656fece75456e6 with the complete details so that I can review and share the estimate further.

Warm Regards

Hey @mispentyouth ,

I would be glad to help you. Let’s connect over PM to have a quick discussion.

It looks like I have talked the client into getting a new website built now so we’re not going to work on this problem anymore. Thank you for the offers!

Hi Kevin,
That sound good!!
Let me know, If you need any help in website development and design.
I hold good experience to assist on the projects.

eMail: [email protected]

Good Day

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