Need data from php to be displayed in my html DIV

I have the following php code for which I need the contents of this php page to be displayed in my html DIV:

header (“Location: sms_sent.php”);

The contents of this page are only text with some CSS
My DIV is:

which is contained within a table in my html page.

ANY help would be great!

So, instead of redirecting to that page, you want to dynamically load it’s content to current page? Probably you need to use Ajax (for example jQuery library). But if you just want to display content of file within other php page, the code is:

[php]<?php echo implode('',file('sms_sent.php')); ?>[/php]


I don’t want the contents to load in the same page…I want the .php contents to be displayed in my HTML DIV.

I have an online example of what I’m using here:

After you click SUBMIT, the information on that page gets sent to a cell number and there’s
another file called “sms_sent.php” which contains text that I want displayed in the same DIV
as the form.

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