Need assistance modifying 5 wordpress sites (very simple designs)

per the title, I have 5 sites that need to be modified. If you have ever coded in wordpress or used any admin tool offered by a 3rd party, it will probably be very simple work. Is anyone here interested in this? thanks. Get back to me here or in a PM if you would like to talk.


Email sent to you…

hi Adam,

I can assist you .
kindly revert me back at [email protected]
or you can also add me over skype:live:.cid.52caceaa56239236 for further discussions.

Thanks & Regards

I’m sorry Rachel. I’ve already got someone. the previous person who replied here did not follow through, so I went elsewhere. I deeply apologize. I may keep your info for further work though. where are you located? I assume India, according to this page?

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