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I am not a coder, I don’t have the basic understanding of what PHP is or how to use it. so there is no way I can write script in PHP, but I do need help editing a script I am working with, if someone can give me some advice on first off where to look to find the problem, then I hope help in fixing it, it would go a long way in getting this script live. there has been no help in the forum for the script so I have to look for the fix myself, so far with no luck.
let me tell you what is going on

when a store owner uploads a image when making their shop it is saved as a logo.gif in a image file for their store,
but when they edit their account and do not upload a new image the logo.gif is replaced by a default_store_logo.gif and it is added to their image file
when uploading a new image when editing. the image is not uploaded and saved, a default_store_logo.gif is added to their image file.
here is where I am thinking the problem is. the image is not uploading and replacing the logo.gif in the image file. and I don’t know where these comands are located to edit them,

can you Please tell me or give me a hint as to where to start

You could use unlink() before overwriting the uploaded image, and make sure that the image is stored with the same name (i.e. logo.gif). I’m afraid I can’t help you much more than that. Could you post the relevant piece(s) of code?

Thanks for your reply I found the fix for my problem,

[code]There are actually two errors conspiring here to create this bug, and both need to be fixed for this to work again.


on line:
$error_text = $customersStore->put_logo_image();
$error_text = $customersStore->put_logo_image($action);


on line:
uncomment the following:
// fileUpload: true,
so it looks like this:
fileUpload: true,

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