Need a sharer code written

I am not a php coder so I need someone to help write a sharer code for my website. The sharer code should be similar to twitters sharer code where my users can share other posts from other sites to their personal wall on my site using a button on the other website.

Twitters share link is (

I need a code that uses this type of link written for my site and specific to my site. The twitter link is just an example to help express what I am trying to get done.

The site script I have is from OSSN.

I am willing to pay someone to do the writing for me as long as it is reasonable.

Welcome back to the site!

I am not interested in this type of system, but, awhile ago, I did find this page which explained that most all of the sharing is handled using just links. It was very interesting and might help assist whoever is interested in programming for you. Just a reference if needed. Simple-Social-Sharing

I appreciate the link and I’ll read it over carefully and hopefully I will be ale to make sense of it.

Thank you.

Hi ,
I had developed similar system to post on social media account.
Please connect further, If interested

eMail - [email protected]


Hello @DT2000
Hope you are doing well!

I can help you please reach to me at my E.m.a.i.l :- ron(at)cisinlabs(dot)com to get an estimate.

Best Regards


Hope you are doing great!

I read your requirement and can do the work for you.

Please share some more details so that I can review and share the quote further.

Warm Regards
Maria J

What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,

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