Need a PHP script to load csv rows into DreamWeaver pages

Unfortunately, I started writing my website content before I knew how to use PHP and Dreamweaver and have all my page content sitting in a csv file. I have set up a samplepage.php in Dreamweaver that has the exact same Div tags (ie, page_name, images, description, etc) as the columns in the csv file. I need a simple PHP script to open the samplepage.php in Dreamweaver and transfer each column to its specific Div tag area and then save as using the page_name.php for that row. Then repeat the process with the next row on the csv file. I couldn’t find anything (is it fgetcsv) and I was hoping someone out there could give me a simple (PHP?) script that I could work with and flesh out. The alternative is cut and paste (ugh).
So please help this novice from having to cut and paste hundreds of pages.

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