need a cms or plugin

Hello everyone,
I usually scour this forum for information but today, I actually needed some help unrelated to PHP.

I am in search of a script, cms, plugin, on which I can post pictures, articles, video embeds etc which would show up like Pinterest , I would like to create an informational website with only one topic and continue to add daily pictures and what not and make it like a news feed as you scroll down, the older posts load etc, you get my point.

I am quite certain there must be such a script out there, I mean its the internet. but I have been googling endlessly to no avail.

I would definitely put off trying to create it myself, for I don’t have sufficient knowledge but also the time to learn it and create it.

If anyone has knowledge of such a thing please please do post in this thread, thank you and Enjoy your day.

Install wordpress, buy a “pinterest-style” theme, add content

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