Nead help

Hi i nead some help from one that have good knowledge in php/html.
I dont now where to start
This is what i whant too do.

The meambers can set theris own earnings rate for PTSU.
When they put up a Paid To Signup ad.

Etc Value 5 = 5 credit = 5 cent.
Value is what members will earn on completing the
Signup .
If Value=5, then they will earn 5 cents on completing the offer
(And1 Signup will use 5 Credits).
and also could sett the .Ratio in Admin panel.

Now you may not now what i talk about with Paid To Signup etc…
If you neverer have use a .Aurora Scripts site before

I whant to offer my meambers this.

So if any one here can help me to get this to work, :smiley:

Now dont say i dont have try.

i have try goole for some weeks now…

This is too hard for me to do with out help-

I even try find a coder to hire for this.
but cant find any good and them i have ask is too busy to make me a costom made adon…

And one scammed me :o

So i hope somone can help me.

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