Navigation button and retreive data


Hi all.
I have MS SQL Server 2000 and PHP5 on my Win2000/XP computer.
I created 2 screens by HTML:
1st screen has 4 buttons these navigate to 2nd screen;
2nd screen has 2 OPTION boxes and one TYPE=TEXT box.
I have a problems:
How to create navigate button?
How retreive data from database to 2nd screen to according fieds?
I appreciate any help.


I don’t really understand your problem… but here is goes. The navigation buttons can be picture links () or just a normal link. To learn to work with a database I would look at the manual for your particular DB. If you are using MySQL there are a lot of tutorials to try. I personally like codewalkers basic tutorial called “Creating Dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL”. It goes all the way from installation of software to all the basic commands for a DB.