n00b php strip_tags question

Hi, I am a noob in php and I tried using the strip_tags code this way

[code]$html = "

hi how are you.

I am good.

"; $html = stip_tags($html); echo $html; [/code]

it returns something like this

hi how are you.

I am good.

I want it do be like this

hi how are you. I am good.

How do I do it?? I want to remove the between those two sentences?

First of all, you have stip_tags instead of stRip_tags

Is this what the Page displays or the source of the page (View Source). The page source WILL view this.

Other than the stip_tags instead of stRip_tags, it performed exactly as expected on my machine.

Thanks for replying.

stip_tags was a mistake while posting here

I have written strip_tags in my code

Ok so only view sources views it like that.

I tried it in my description meta tag so I had to click on the view source to view the meta tag. That’s why I saw the line break.

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