mysql sort by date

how can i sort a date field by year and month and not post more then 1 of the same month iam trying to make a post archive for e blog script just dont know how to read this date 2011/3/28 and make it out put like 3 2011 then 4 2011 and so on

Hi there,

In your SQL statement, just put ORDER BY field ASC:

SELECT `name` FROM `thetable` WHERE `id`= '2' ORDER BY `date` ASC

And when you loop through your results in the PHP (your method may be different):
[php]$dates = array();
while(($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) !== false)
$year = date(“Y”,$row[‘date’]);
$month = date(“n”,$row[‘date’]);
$dates[$year][] = $month;

foreach($dates as $year => $months)
$months = array_unique($months);
foreach($months as $month)
echo $month."/".$year;

Try that out, you will of course need to adapt for your SQL and method of calling the query results etc, but let me know if this helps you out!

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