MYSQL Interfaces

Mostly FYI, but I am curious what other use.

I am using MYSQL Tool version 0.95, which came with my database service, which is hosted elsewhere, not on my computer. It is easy to use to set up tables, easy to query the database, easy to edit records and add fields, however it has limitations. One is that you have to cut and paste each query in one at a time, as opposed to having a library of queries you could choose from, and there is no way to track any trends or store any commonly used query methods.

I keep a note pad file with my queries that I use regularly, and then just paste them in as needed.

I realize that this is one of the more simpler interfaces out there, but it does the job of allowing easy table building, table/field/record editing and easy field and record data entry.

Anyone else have an interface they like?

PHPMyadmin is a very useful web based editing tool. I’ve yet to find an application based database manipulation tool yet (thats a mouth full)

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