MySQL import

Is it possible to write a PHP code that will import DBF file in MySQL DB?
Every day I need to import about 50 dbf tables to DB using Navicat(annoying job)
All tables are imported in one table.

You’re going to have to figure out what the internal structure is of this .dbf fiel (I’m not sure if this is a file created by MySQL), and you can unwrap/explode() it in PHP, loop through the data and INSERT it into MySQL that way. I’m not sure if you can import it directly into MySQL, bypassing the PHP part.

This is a table created by Micr.Visual FoxPro.
Mysql have command LOAD DATA INFILE but only for txt file.

I’m afraid a direct import is not gonna work then. So check out the internals of the .dbf file, and see if you can use PHP to get the relevant data extracted.

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