MySql for database driven site?

I need some help with my web site… I am pretty new to the whole server side programing stuff. I’ve done mostly HTML and non-web stuff like VB and ADO etc. Anyways… I have used mysql for some VB stuff and was wondering if it was the best thing to implement with my new site.

I have a site, where I want it to grab all text from a database. I want to add the text through a private form.

Here is the code for the form that I have:


Add page…

Photo path

Thumbnail path


<textarea id=“text” name="text"style=“height:3”>

  <label for="text">Date:</label><br />

     <label for="text">Month: <i>August 2007</i></label><br />

  <label for="text">Time:</label><br />

  <label for="text">Title:</label><br />

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The thing is, I know next to nothing about how forms work, so I need some specific direction. I want this data to be put into a database, and then I need some code or something that takes the data out and puts it in the webpage.

Can anyone tell me how to do this, or if MySql is even the way to go? I’m currently using PHP, btw.

If anyone is willing to talk to me over IM to help me, I would appreciate that as well.

Thanks so much in advance. I really appreciate your time

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