MySQL Date to PHP Date


I am displaying a date called from a MySQL database, however, the mySQL date is showing as 2013-04-27, however, I need it to display as 27-04-2013 but I don’t know how.

Any help would be grateful.

You can do that with the SELECT statement, something like:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(DateField, ‘%d-%m-%Y’) AS SomeDate FROM tbl_Name WHERE …


Thank you for your help. Could you please advise where I put this code? Also do I replace the current $sql = statement with the code you provided?

Sorry I am still learning all of this.

You need to modify your existing SELECT statement with:

DATE_FORMAT(DateField, ‘%d-%m-%Y’) AS SomeDate

WHERE DateField is whatever your date field is called and SomeDate is whatever you want to call your formatted date.


Okay so now my SQL query looks like this;

$sql = “select * DATE_FORMAT(Arrival, ‘%d-%m-%Y’) AS SomeDate from reserve where ReservationNumber = $ReservationNumber”;

but it now no longer reconises the reservation number.

Thank you for your continued help.

Try this:

$sql = “SELECT *, DATE_FORMAT(Arrival, ‘%d-%m-%Y’) AS SomeDate FROMreserve WHERE ReservationNumber =” . $ReservationNumber;


That has stopped the error now and the reservation numbers are again reconised, however, the date format is still 2013-04-27.


I fixed it. I changed the SomeDate to Arrival to match to $Arrival.

Thank you ever so much :slight_smile:

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