Hey guys!

I was trying to write a new script for a user registration system, and I am running into an error. I am not even sure if the error is going to throw the script to failure really, but I just want to make sure that it is not anything fatal or something wrong in my scripting.

class ucp_cl {

var $open;
var $close;

function open() {
	$this->open = mysql_connect(SQL_HST,SQL_USR,SQL_PWD);
	mysql_select_db(DB_CBD, $this->open);
function close() {
	$this->close = mysql_close($this->open);

function usrReg() {
	$firstName    = $_POST['firstName'];
	$lastName     = $_POST['lastName'];
	$userName     = $_POST['userName'];
	$userPassword = $_POST['userPassword'];
	$userEmail    = $_POST['userEmail'];
	$userDOBM     = $_POST['userDOBM'];
	$userDOBD     = $_POST['userDOBD'];
	$userDOBY     = $_POST['userDOBY'];
	$regKey       = $_POST['regKey'];
	//$userTZ       = $_POST['userTZ'];
	$userTZ       = "Yeah";
	echo $firstName . $lastName . $userName . $userPassword;
	// Make the data safe
	$firstName    = addslashes($firstName);
	$lastName     = addslashes($lastName);
	$userName     = addslashes($userName);
	$userPassword = addslashes($userPassword);
	$userEmail    = addslashes($userEmail);
	$userDOBM     = addslashes($userDOBM);
	$userDOBD     = addslashes($userDOBD);
	$userDOBY     = addslashes($userDOBY);
	$regKey       = addslashes($regKey);
	//$userTZ       = addslashes($userTZ);
	// Get user IP
	$userTZ = "Whynot?";
	$userRep = "1000";
	$sql = "INSERT INTO ".TBL_USR." (userID,firstName,lastName,userName,userPassword,userEmail,userDOBM,userDOBD,userDOBY,regKey,regIP,curIP,actLocked,actBan,userAvatar,userSig,userTZ,userRep) VALUES (NULL,'$firstName','$lastName','$userName','$userPassword','$userEmail','$userDOBM',$userDOBD,$userDOBY,'$regKey','$regIP','$curIP',0,0,NULL,NULL,'$userTZ',$userRep)";

	$result = mysql_query($sql);
	if(!$result) {
		echo mysql_error();


This is the script that is being run on user submit, and not it is not complete. the output from the script will give the warning, “Warning: mysql_affected_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:\xampp\htdocs\cbd\inc_cl\ucp_cl.php on line 65.” Now if I rememeber right, warnings will not kill the script (?), but they are annoying, and this is a test server, so I do not want to turn warnings or errors. The script is inserting the information into the users table correctly, but still throwing a warning.

Is there any mistakes with the code above? Thank you for any help!!


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