MYSLI help

if($ingelogd) {


} else {
global $db;
echo 'Niet ingelod verder:
//niet ingelogd, case 1, via een formulier tot hier, case 2 zelf gedaan

//case 1, we gaan ervanuit dat ze allebij zijn ingevuld

if(isset($_POST) && !empty($_POST['myusername']) && !empty($_POST['mypassword'])) {
	echo 'Alle velden ingevuld, verder: <br>';
	$myu = SAFE($_POST['myusername']); //escape, trim, md5 if TRUE
	$myp = SAFE($_POST['mypassword'], TRUE); //escape, trim, md5 if TRUE
	$statement = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM USER WHERE EMAIL = ? AND PASSWORD = ?");
	$statement->bind_param("ss", $myu, $myp);
	echo 'we hebben dit aantal resultaten' . $statement->num_rows . '<br>'; 
	if($statement->num_rows == 1) {

		echo 'succes <br>';
	} else {
		echo 'fail <br>';
		$statement = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM USER WHERE EMAIL = ?");
		$statement->bind_param('s', $myu);

		if($statement->num_rows == 1) {
			$ub = $myu;
		else {
			notibox('INCORRECTFIELDS'); //functie voor een kadertje
			echo '4:'.$statement->num_rows.'<br>';
} else {




Db connection is oke, functions works, …

If i put in an mailadress and password still not compair, only good email still not oke,


Niet ingelod verder: Alle velden ingevuld, verder: we hebben dit aantal resultaten0 fail Fatal error: Call to a member function bind_param() on a non-object in /customers/9/a/0/ on line 35

Do you have error reporting enabled? If prepare is returning false it is probably an SQL syntax error (which could be bad table or field names)

I did no error, nothing is that the right setup ?

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