My php include is automatically outcommented?

Hello everyone,

I might have an easy problem for you, but I really couldn’t find what I did wrong.
I’m just trying to add some code into my website by using <?php include ("file"); ?>
Because I want to have it in one file so I only need to edit one file when I need to change something.

Here is my website code from the file named “index.php” (It is also saved as .php):


Live IT Helden
	[php]<?php include_once("analyticstracking.php") ?>[/php]
	<!-- Intro afbeelding op homepage -->
	<div class="heabackcolor"></div>
	<!-- logo linksboven -->
	<div class="logo" >
		<img src="images/index_02.jpg" alt="">

	<!-- alle knoppen -->
	[php]<?php include 'mainmenu.php'; ?>[/php]
	<!-- LiveBar -->
	<div class="LiveBar">
		<font color="#333333">
			Live IT voor...
		<div class="afbeeldingen">
			<a href="diensten.php#Repair">
				<img src="images/buttons/clean.jpg" alt="">
			<a href="diensten.php#Clean">
				<img src="images/buttons/pcclean.jpg" alt="">
			<a href="diensten.php#Custom">
				<img src="images/buttons/custompc.jpg" alt="">
			<a href="diensten.php">
				<img src="images/buttons/allservices.jpg" alt="">

	<!-- text linkerkolom -->
	<!-- bedrijfsinformatie -->
	<div class="footerback">
	<div class="footer">

	<!-- kolom links -->
		<div class="Tekstalgemeen" align="left">
			<font color="#999999">
					Bereik ons via<br>
					<a href="" target="_blank">
						<img src="images/fb.jpg">
					<a href="mailto:[email protected]">
						<img src="images/mail.jpg">
					<a href="contact.php">
						<img src="images/phone.jpg">
		<!-- kolom rechts -->
		<div class="Tekstalgemeen" align="right">
			<font color="#999999">
					Telefoon: 06-25308538<br>
					Email:[email protected]<br>
					&#169 2012-2013 LIVE IT Helden<br>

Both php includes won’t work.
The file I want to include is “mainmenu.php” which is also saved as a .php file:




When I check it by reviewing the source code in Google Chrome, it shows my .php include functions are outcommented by:


Does anyone knows what I did wrong?
Thanks in advance!


I think it’s your editor that’s commenting it out. Let me guess your using godaddy?

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