My php files seem to be cached and don't update via ftp.

So I have been creating my first login/registration website. All has been going well but I stopped working on the site for a about a month or two. Now when I upload changes to my php files they upload but I do not see the changes when I test the site. All of my html files update but I can completely rename my checklogin.php file and it still works.

Would this be causes by a setting in my php.ini file?

I’m using BlueHost for hosting. If that helps.

Any help would be awesome.


Most likely uploading to the wrong path or wrong server

First off, thanks for the reply!

I have rechecked all my paths over and over. So fa my project is quite small, so not to many files to keep track of. All seems to be in order.

The thing that gets me is I can actually change the name of my check_login.php to or check_loginxxx.php and my form still submits and I still login. Could this be something with my hosting account?

My experience: 16 years as web development. CSS/HTML/JavaScript. Working knowledge of php mainly with wordpress.

Thanks for the help.

[size=11pt]WAIT!.. MY BAD… It (may be/probbably is) path related.

Dang, Sorry everyone.

Thanks m@tt for makeing me recheck.

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