My forum is not showing post count


I have a forum built with V a n i l l a. Its supposed to show a post count in the various forum categories. Its not showing the count, except in the “All Categories”. I have tried asking for help at the forum makers website. A few have tried to help, but its still not working. Below is a photo of the category section. BTW. I know just enough PHP to be dangerous. I can modify lines of code if told: “change this to that”, but thats about it.



Have you seen the code that generates the list?


No, not even sure where to look.


I would start browsing thru the code. I don’t know if that is built on a framework or what, so I can’t help much in that area.


Thanks. I dont know what happened to the help from the builders of the forum. I tried re-uploading the script twice, thinking it was an FTP bug, but still no post count. Strange, on my other “V” forum, its works correctly and its on the same host.


Then it may be a configuration setting


I dont know. Guess I’ll keep waiting over there and see what they say.


Where is the count supposed to surface? As in what page or view?


Meant to tell you, thanks for trying to help me on this astonecipher. It’s supposed to show at the end of the links, under “All Categories” Have a look at one of my other forums. This is how it should look. Worse comes to worse I may just try using Softaculous to rebuild the forum.