My first php program ... not working

I am teaching myself PHP with “Beginning PHP4, (WROX)” and for the life of me I can’t get this to work and I don’t see anything wrong. This example is from the book.

Who is your favorite author?

------------------------------------------------- Your favorite author is: <?php echo $author; ?> ------------------------------------------------ If I type g-r-e-e-n and press submit ..... I get Your favorite author is: b-l-a-n-k The value of the variable is never printed. My browser is Firefox. I've double and triple checked the spelling.

Thanks for your help … Don

Your book expects register_globals to be enabled. This poses a security hole however, and has been disabled by default since PHP4.? somewhere halfway PHP4. You’ll want to catch your external values using the $_GET superglobal:

echo $_GET['author'];

Most forms use ‘method=“POST”’ though, in which case $_POST should be used.


Have you obtained correct output?

I have a similar problem while i accept a name in HTML and print in PHP code. I tried the echo $_GET[‘DATA’]; and also echo $_POST[‘DATA’]; options. No output for me. :roll:

<?php echo $_GET['data']; ?>

This works for me.


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