My dating app Web application tweaks

Hi there.
I am looking for someone to help me tweak a PHP web application that I use as a very simple and easy dating app (ios and android). How it works: I upload and add all the cities, gyms, and profiles accordingly. The app user can only browse different cities, gyms, and profiles. They take the conversation outside the platform by emailing the user they like. I have attached explained screenshots on hot the back and front end works, and how I accomplish to add the profiles. Please see attachments 1-4:

(Google Drive files link below)

Now that you have an idea of how the app and back end works, I would like some help with the following issues:

  • I would like to hide all the cities in the app (front end) that do not have active profiles inside them. This frustrated the front end user, as there are two versions of the app, and the one does not show numbered listings like in the example (image 5).

(Google Drive files link below)

  • something that I struggle with because I do everything manually, is an issue with my “gym name” field. It shows all the gym names that are associated with ALL the cities. and I have like over 300 cities. So it is time-consuming to scroll and to look for the correct gym every time. I would like to filter gyms only associated with their only and right cities (image 6):

(Google Drive files link below)

  • lastly, I would like to change my password and add new usernames for freelancers and people who work on the back end for me (image 7):

(Google Drive files link below)

Is there anyone willing to tweak this for me if I grant them access to my panel and the back end of this application. I, unfortunately, have no coding skills and I am hoping for someone kind enough to help me out?

Ps. after I tried to post the topic I was not allowed to attach more than one image, so I have dropped them into my google drive for reference: (Google Drive files: )

I look forward to getting some feedback and input from you guys.
Kind Regards

Are you looking to pay someone, or expecting it for free?

I was hoping for free help.

That is a LOT of time consuming work. Validating gyms exist in a city is easily 300(n) and that’s just one part of what you want. Even using a scraper, the results would need to be validated.

Without looking at the files, you’re data model most likely needs reworked.

The easiest thing requested is making user names for freelancers to use to work on it. And freelancers get paid, so the term I think you are after is volunteers.

What do you mean by this? Reworked? What needs rework?

I just have a suspicion the data is not normalized, because most devs don’t know how to really do it unless they’ve been doing it with oversight. It takes time to learn how to design a data model properly.

Okay, i thought since the city fields are all listed under their correct Province field, that it would be not so big issue to just filter each gym accordingly to his city…? But you are the programmers and the code gurus, i was just hoping to get some help with this, as it is really a pain and struggle.

someone advised me to just write or amend it in my sql query, but how do i do that?

are the gyms showing up in the wrong cities or is the query adding it to records that shouldn’t have them?

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