Music player reloading with every page. HELP PLEASE!

I have a site that I am working on and I am using php and includes for the first time. I have it working fine with the exception of one piece. I would like my music player to play non stop and not reload every time a new page is loaded. The music player is a part of my header. How can I get around this?

If understand this problem correctly you want a single section of page to stay the same no matter which page you go to? If this is the case, then you will need to use frames for that. Or you can maybe check into AJAX for that as well.

I would rather not use frames is at all pssobile. Ajax is a good idea, it seems to have great possibilities but I am not too familiar with it though. Can anyone point me in the diorection of a good AJAx script that can do this for me on my site?

The only thing I can think of is using a separate frame (possibly in a (popunder) window). As long as you play the music from the same frame (or an iframe in the same frame), it will reload when the music reloads. I’m no AJAX pro, so I don’t have any insight there.

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