Multiple Tables And Selcting the Table

I have a query, which works perfectly fine, that pulls up random information from two tables with this query:

[php]$q_test = mysql_query(“select q2.,q3. from q2,q3 where q2.bta=’$course_test’ or q3.bta=’$course_test’ order by rand() limit 2”) or die(mysql_error());[/php]
That all works perfectly fine, no problems at all. Now, I have this code coming up later on in the page, which also works perfectly fine:

[php]while ($g_test = mysql_fetch_array($q_test)) {

//all the stuff it should do here


All that works fine and dandy. The problem comes in when I need to know which table is being selected. Table q2 has a field called “numans” and q3 has a field called “answer”. What I need to do is have it so when it draws an entry from table q2, it shows the value of numans and when it is from table q3 it shows the value of answer. Anyone know how?

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