multiple table ?

im having a big question on either doing a multiple table for different users or in a single table??? im having 5 type of users in my system and it works fine. but is getting slower and slower as the users are growing. im thinking of 5 table for 5 different users.

i would like to know is there any difference on the speed? i may hv to queries alot of the users information for reporting purpose.

just use 1 table for users then have a level column that determined what type of user they are then way you can have a lot of users that will run fast.

loading all records from a table can slow down if there are thousands of records in which case you only show a limited number per page.

this is my problem. im loading all the user in the same table. is simple and easy to maintain. but is getting slower even though i hv the level column to link to another table for their detail information. but is still slow .

you hosting or using a host service

if you’ve got a lot of users then use pagination.

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