multiple table query

I have 3 tables.

  1. drama table dramaID drama_title
    1 drama1

  2. drama_genre table drama_genreID dramaID genreID
    1 1 2
    2 1 1

  3. genre table genreID genre
    1 comedy
    2 romance

I wanna display in a way that for example,

Title genre

drama1 comedy || romance


I tried "Select * from “SELECT * FROM drama , genre , drama_genre WHERE drama.dramaID = drama_genre.dramaID AND genre.genreID = drama_genre.genreID”;

<?php while($row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)){ echo $row ['drama_title']; echo $row['genre'] ; } mysqli_close($link); ?>

Result was …

Title genre

drama1 comedy

drama1 romance

Please Help >.<

Why do you require 3 tables? Why not 2 and make it simpler?

I would suggest you look at mysql joins. Here is a link to the mysql docs

If you are still having trouble do not hesitate to post again and we can help you out some more.

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