Multiple submit into SQL

Well what I have is an area which is to “setup/edit” awards, so basically if its editing it then all awards that are setup will appear, so I want it when they edit one from the list they will be submitted into the table separately because the awards each have different ID’s… Also if this is possible, I had javascript code that added/deleted rows, is there anyway to include these in the final submit, so when editing, if they want to add another award they just click the javascript - another row appears and then they can enter the details, would help a lot, rather than having to add them one by one…

The picture of the award page:

See how each award is called from a simple function that collects them each, so each input box has the same name for name, auth, link, so wasn’t sure what to do

Table picture:

Hopefully these make sense of what I mean, just not sure on how to string it together so that the submit works properly and updates each individual one, I can also give you my current code if you need it…

Big thanks to anyone who is able to help me on this one, been bugging me , I’ve tried a lot, all seem to result in, well nothing :frowning:

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