multilingual website

hello guys

I want to develop a multilingual website with php. I do not have many ideas about how to do a site multilingual. I have been looking for some information but what I have got until now seems a bit confusing to me.

  The most obvious solution is having one static page for each language. Besides I have seen something about using a table in the database to extract the translations to the corresponding language. However, I have seen that it might take too long for people to see a page because the query might delay the process.

I do not know if this option is the best. Could you please provide me with some good and brilliant approach to solve this issue in any website of any size and with any number of different languages?

Thanks in advance

You’re gonna have to store the translated code somewhere. Using a database would be best performance-wise. I don’t know how much traffic you’re counting on, but you’ll need a whole country to surf to your site if you wanna overload a good database engine. If performance is your bottleneck, use caching.

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