Multi Page Form - emailing data


I am trying to create a two page survey form…I have created it, but I just need to get the php code right.

The first page they enter their contact details, and the second page they answer some questions (checkboxes etc).

I currently have it set up so that when they click proceed to the second page, the first page is sent to my email, and when they complete the second page, it is then sent.

This meets my needs in part as I want to make sure I receive the contact details regardless of whether they fill out the second page. However when the second step comes through, I have no way of being 100% certain who the answers belong to, if there were several people online at a similar time.

I realise I could set it up so that the variables from page 1 are stored in a session on page 2 and then all submitted to my email on completion.

But ideally, I’d like to submit page 1, and then have some reference that gets carried over from page 1, such as name, to be submitted with page 2 also, without asking them to type their name again.

Am I making any sense?

Also, I am not using mySQL, would appreciate advice just related to the sending to email of this data.

Thanks a lot!!

I’m sorry I can’t provide an answer, but please, could you post the code here, both for me, because I need to figure how to get a PHP to e-mail me with the results, but also because it would most likely be easier for others to help you too.

Sorry I couldn’t help. :frowning:


as you’ve suggested I pass the entered name to the second page then when you get the second email you’ll know what part it belongs to, or maybe create a unique reference that is passed so when you get the first email you get the ref and also get the same ref on the second email.

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