Multi-Application Login

I am currently trying to integrate a script that will appear on the splash page of the website that will allow users to type in their usernames and passwords and login to all platforms that are currently on the server. Not only that but if someone is going to register I need that registration information to go to each database for each platform. I would like to use just one database but I don’t know where to begin on looking for the cookie scripts and changing them… If someone has ever done this can you please give me a hand. I am new to PHP and I need to understand more about how to make this work. Thanks.

If you’re new to PHP then I wish you good luck, as this is a major project, and not just an ‘I’ll-change-this-and-that-file-and-then-it-should-work’ thing. Your (relative) luck is that all applications are on the same server, making it that much easier to align a cookie system-wide. What you should do is read up on what cookies are exactly, which parameters/options they have and how they could aid you in achieving your goal. Then you should inform yourself about the different applications you’d like to align and how they handle their respective cookies (and from which files). This all should be planned out and documented, and, if you want things to remain maintainable, put into a plan of approach. Also make sure you make sufficient backups and that you try things out on a dev/test server before turning your production server upside down.

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