Much More Interested To Review This Website

Hi, I have been following this website for a few days now. I have a tech-related website and I am much more interested to review this website on my site here. I don’t know if it is possible or not or what is the terms and conditions to access it. So if my website is eligible to do this, please let me know. I will highly appreciate whatever you reply. Thank you,

Well, I took a quick peek at it. It seems fine to me to be okay, except a couple things.

On my large Alienware laptop, it shows the posts in just the middle with a lot of wasted space on both sides.
( I did not try it on my 34 inch monitor on my desktop system. Ha! )

And, I had to guess what the site was about. No about page, no comments at the top what the posts were about, no mention of why I would want to be there… You might want to add a small section somewhere at the top to explain the site. You could put it next to your Silli-cop-Hillic title…

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