MS Graph API? (anyone use it before)

So… I’m a bit out my comfort zone here… (I havent used composure before…etc…etc)… and I usually see some examples or templates for PHP where you can swap out the tokens/secret keys…etc… and quickly get a foundation working for an API)…
But I am just so confused on all the old tutorials… and differences (approaches, code… how it applies)… that I’m just de-motivated now… :slight_smile:

My GOAL is to simply get the status/availability of the users in a specific chat group in MS TEAMS.

I have read locally you can access a log file, but I guess that only has YOUR OWN status… not the rest of the group. I read a bunch of misleading stuff over the last couple days…etc… but most were lines of code not in use with the full context of authorizing and getting a request/data back. just examples of what the returned data was like…etc…

This is step 1 of my project… in the end, I want to take this data and update a display (external/electronics). and color some LEDS to match the status (red, green, yellow, white…etc…etc)

I guess Im looking for a bit of hand holding here so I can understand… (and not just some links with a ‘start here’ response) :slight_smile:

If anyone has done this before… and can share some code (which I understand much better than their documentation)… with any private keys…etc… removed… that would be great!

I believe I went to Azure so far, as registered my app with it? got some data back…etc… but thats about it.

Thanks guys!

I know you specifically asked for not this, but… Have you found the SDK?

I’ve never used this exact API, but they all follow a similar pattern; you’ll install the SDK with composer, give it some config it’ll tell you how to find, and start making calls against it. If you haven’t used composer I’d get familiar with that first so you know what it’s doing - it won’t take more than an hour or so to learn enough to get started.

Once you’ve got the SDK downloaded and authenticated it should be plain sailing.


I ended up using Postman to test things out first… (after registering an app in Azure, and attempting to add permissions). In the end (so far at least)… it looks as if I need some sort of admin permissions from the TS manager at my job. :frowning: (even when attempting GET requests that stated ‘NO’ in the Admin permissions column?

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