Moving file

I am pretty new at php and am trying to edit a site that someone else created.

What I’m trying to do right now is move a file from the webserver’s folder to a network folder. Both the file name and the folders are variables. I can figure out how to concatenate the directory variable to the filename variable.

$source = $folder . $folderEntry;
$dest = “\\adonix-app\c$\EDI_TEST\IMPORT\” . $folderentry;
copy($source, $dest);

On the red line, I get the error: 1.
Catchable fatal error: Object of class Directory could not be converted to string in C:\portaldev\order.cart.php on line 268

try removing ‘/’ after ‘orders’ in the dir statement

something like this

$folder = dir("./adonix-app/orders");

I tried that. I’m still getting the same error.

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