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hi there…its me again…ok…let me explain…1st page i enter all personal details…2nd page i enter voucher detail…and the 3rd page…all the data will be displayed…and user can check everything before hit the send button…ok…once hit the send button…all the data must be in manager table…where manager will approved or rejected the form…and the user cant edit anything once they hit the send button…ok…i have no idea how to move data to manager…please help me…thanks in advanced


Okay, lemme see if I get this straight:

Page 1:
Users can enter data into a form.

Page 2:
Data from the form in Page 1 gets saved into the database here? Or is it being carried over, for insertion into the database on Page 3?

On this page, users can edit the data they filled in on Page 1, and add voucher details.

Page 3:
The data and voucher details get saved into the database. Users cannot edit them anymore, and they’re being served to a manager for review and approval.

Here’s what I’d do:

Page 1:
User can enter data into a form, including voucher data.

Page 2:
Data gets stored into the database, then presented again for the user to review and editing. In the database, a protected column gets set to ‘User Reviewing’.

Page 3:
Edited data gets stored into the database, user gets a message that their data has ben sent to the manager, and the protected column gets set to ‘Manager Reviewing’. Once this column has been set, the user can no longer edit their data, just view what has been input at an earlier point and what will be served to the manager (which one?).

Or perhaps you could make Page 1 have two buttons: one will be for updating the data in the form, and the other will be for submitting the data to the manager, which would effectively bypass Page 2.


thanks zypora for the reply…ok…i got the point…first at all i cannot simply changed the page because this how they require me to do…cannot change…and second my point let say i put button in page 1 and bypass page 2…how i do to move data…which store in user table(before press the button)…to the manager table…where can preview and making desicion…my problem is…i dunnu how to transfer data…how i do it…because manager cannot view data from user table…so the data must be in manager table…realy blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


If you want to move data from one table to another, you can do it with a SELECT statement on the first table (user), then do an INSERT statement on the second one (manager), simply inserting the extracted data.


how to separate the page…let say same login page…if user login that means the user name is user…the page go to userpage…if manager login that means the username manager…


Retrieve all data from the database concerning this user, I’m sure you’re making a distinction between a user and manager somewhere in your database. Simply use an if statement, checking on this distinction and as such, display the appropriate page.

This is pretty basic stuff btw, I’m not getting the impression you’re putting much effort into this, and rather ask us how to do everything.


thanks zypora…for the reply and

This is pretty basic stuff btw, I'm not getting the impression you're putting much effort into this, and rather ask us how to do everything.
this is because im very new to php...just 2 month i think the best way to learn is ask that wrong...please advice thank you..

It’s always better to figure things out on your own. The PHP Manual should always be your first choice when you run into issues. If after that things are still not clear, you could ask your question here, including what you’ve tried, found and why it didn’t suit your needs, or answered your question. We’ll try to answer your question then. We need as much information as possible though, since we don’t want to try the same things you’ve already tried.