mkdir() permission error


I have some code for making a dir but I keep getting an error. I have tried changing it around a little to see what I could with no luck.

My code:


I keep getting this error:

Warning: mkdir(blob): Permission denied in /home/lskyeho/public_html/editalbum/script/add_event.php on line 41

I also tried mkdir($event_name, 0755); also not working

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you


What are the permissions on the folder you are trying to create a folder in?


I have used chmod to make the permissions work. But I either get an “operation not permitted” or “permission denied”. How do I get this to work?

Also do you have a tutorial for who is in my group and what other groups are out for, say, users who sign in?

On a related topic, I am getting this type of error on my cron job. I get emails for errors that say a file permission error on files that are running with the cron job. What are the permissions for a cron?

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.