Migrating to New Host (My Old Host Didn't Backup so Files Only + .sql) In No Order

Hi guys, MochaHost didn’t backup our files/data after backing out of Hosting Sponsorship after 2yrs (as we got a new VPS Dev Host which they didn’t like having on bottom of our Sponsored By section… Sooooo… we lost our PHP/mySQL/JS/AJAX Coder when she went to England to finish University at start of year & she’s not back online 'till Nov 2020 … so we have a Folder of Files that have been upgraded with features slowly, but some have been mixed up… NOT MANY, we just need somebody to Upload the Files & do a little one-line bug fixes on the files that we couldn’t get back from Mocha (there was only about 15mins of code commenting and a fix so the text 2 png conversion could be hotlinked (it came out ‘printed as’ as get_image.php?=54677477_img.png instead of /uploads/54677477_img.png the comments to fix it are mostly there, but alot of us are front-end coders and illustrators left in the group and back-enders are new-style coders learning/learnt the coding that is making php/mysql for obselete

so we need somebodies help to upload and make sure the imported .sql file is working with the .php files of NFOPic.com (it’s a .nfo - .diz - .txt 2 .png converter with ability to change text and background colours of the PNG… It’s a one-page ‘Web-App’ (we intend to expand to add RTF, DOC, DOCX as we expand it into our new DOCS2PNG

well thats all… We are using X3Host as Dev Host & RyeHost.net as our Final ALPHA & BETA RELEASE HOST & NEED THIS DONE ON RYEHOST PLS?

P.S - Do you need a Mascot or Logo? or our new guy is a BootStrap Layout Guru (nfopic is finally getting layout BETAv4 almost done :-))))

Thanks for reading, and hope someone has 30mins to help out, we have some cool Sponsored Schwag to giveaway too!!

Are you looking to hire someone to do this or you just looking to get it done for free? If you are hiring, send me a PM.

Eitherway, i’m happy to pay but i’m not rich. its a community volunteered project…
thank you for reading n replying… look forward to hearing from you.

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