Menu drop down arrow image not showing only on homepage. Anybody know why?

Hi everyone. Need a little help here.

The drop down arrow image next to items “Bireysel” and “Kurumsal” in the main navigation at and other in-site pages seems to disappear in the same menu only on homepage at

I am triyng to find out what is causing this. Can you pls help me, and maybe tell me how to make this image appear on the homepage as well?

Thank you in advance!

Well without any code can’t really tell you why. The issue seems to be that the span class for the drop down arrow doesn’t seem to be generated on the homepage.

The span class that’s missing is

The second site is generating some javascript errors which may be interfering with superfish.

TypeError: jQuery(…).fitVids is not a function
TypeError: $(…).prettyPhoto is not a function
TypeError: jQuery(…).flexslider is not a function

Otherwise I have no idea there’s a lot of code here to debug

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