Memory or time?

'm trying to use curl to stream flv youtube video through a web proxy…i get it…but only a part if the video is too long (no more of 2 minutes ca)…any idea? some strange htaccess settings about memory or time?


it should terminate with an error. try to save the file and open it with a hexeditor (or a binary save text editor) and have a look at the end. there should be a errormessage.

if not use error_reporting(E_ALL).

to save memory u may wanna use fpassthru or a pipe.

hope this helps.

Thanks for your help

I saw this error at the endo of the file

Operation timed out with 3877038 out of 38030276 bytes received

I solved with

curl_setopt($tmp, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 50000);

which works like a charm…:D…Thanks for your help!!


i know it sounds strange to search for an error inside a binary, but thats PHP.

god bless u

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