Membership Form

Hello Guys,

I need help to make a form…
Actually, the idea is getting an Membership with data from site users,
How can I receive this information in an e-mail.

the site is
if you go there, you can try send me info trough the membership area, and
you will see that it is not working.

here is my code…


$fullname= $_POST[‘fullname’];
$email= $_POST[‘email’];
$number= $_POST[‘Number’];
$date= $_POST[‘dia’] $_POST[‘mes’] $_POST[‘ano’];
$gender= $_POST[‘gender’];

$conteudo .= “Full Name : {$fullname}”;
$conteudo .= “Email : {$email}”;
$conteudo .= “Number : {$number}”;
$conteudo .= “Date : {$date}”;
$conteudo .= “Gender : {$gender}”;

$env = mail("[email protected]",$_POST[‘assunto’],$conteudo,“from: $_POST[email]”);

if ($env) {
echo “Thank you.”;
echo “Failed. Please try again.”;


Can someonde help me?

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