members to be shown on website from forum?

I have a forum (ipb) that as you know shows all the members online in the forum at the bottom of the page.
I want my website I have just finished to echo that information to my main site, both the forum and site is located on the same server, I have full access to sql ect…

I need the names to be shown on my website main index.php page has someone done this and do you have the conpleted code? If you have done this with IPB all I would need to change is my sql details.
I have read tones of info and scripts but they seem so complexed for such a simple echo, no need to write an entire script the forum has already send the info to be shown on my forum index page, just need to echo that?

Why not just extract the code from the ipb installation and use that? You won’t even need to change the sql credentials that way.

hwo would i do that, finally sum1 knows what there talking about!

help me … can u explain to a noob like me :(

You search for the IPB code that retrieves the usernames from the database, and copy+paste that into your homepage. There’s not much to be explained about that.

thanks for helping me, u gotta understand I am thick.

which page do I search and how do I echo the info into my main page? my homepage is .php so it should be easy once I find it.

as you can see by this exmaple: the users online… can u spot the code ?

This really is your own little project and you’re gonna have to put some effort into it yourself. I would have told you you could post the code here and help you find out where the relevant code is if this was your own script, but since it’s a third-party script, on which we don’t provide support, you would be helped best if you asked your question on their support forums or contact.

the forum is actually Vbull, not IPB, sorry.

I can post the script, all your doing is showing me a part of code your not doing any more than that your legally okay.

what page u wanna see?

Find the page that provides the information you are looking for. Then look through it, grab the code for getting the information you need. Modify it, then put it in your home page.

We don’t need to see the script. It has nothing to do with “Legality” of anything. Our goal is not to chug through someone else’s script to tell you exactly what to do… YOU need to chug through it, find the parts you want (or think you want). Try it, if it doesn’t work, come back and tell us what you tried, and ask for help.

Most here don’t want to do the work for someone else. We will HELP you along the way with the PHP as far as directing you to the answers and helping with syntax, etc.

That being said,

Alternatively to that solution, there is likely a table in your database that is constantly updated with the specific info you are looking for. Possibly a Session table or something similar. That would be a perfect place to “Develop” your own solution. (Which we would be much more likely to help you with)

That’s what I did on the main page under “Latest Topics” (Top right side of page)


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