members ability to display and edit specific info in MySQL

[size=99px]I am hosting a sports website and am processing schedules for the particpating clubs to assign times and field assignments. An example table is as follows:

What I want to do allow schedules from each club to see and edit their own specific schedules (eq. Club 1 would display only their own rows and be able to input times into “Time” column and specific field assignments into “Field” column).

I am not exactly sure where to start. I have the complete schedule with 30 different clubs and 12 different ages in a MySQL database table already.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.[/size]

You will likely want to make use of sessions (or at least cookies) to verify some sort of login.

Then based on the permissions of the login, you can present a form that is editable (populated with current data) then provide a submit button to commit changes.

Can’t be to much more specific based on the limited information you have provided. If you present some code we can assist on correcting errors or problems (or provide perhaps a different direction to take it).

Please also review posting guidelines at especially regarding code submissions.

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