I’m new here, and I’ll have to admit, I’m not here to seek help, but rather to help others. My name is Seb, and I’m a professional PHP developer and web developer in general. 23, french, living in France at the moment but I’ll soon be moving to the US.

In terms of PHP experience, I have known three major versions (3, 4, 5) and have been doing it for just over 14 years, and particularly enjoy the latest changes brought by 5.4 and the upcoming 5.5 release candidates.

Most of my experience lies in the darker shades of the internet - penetration testing, data scraping, general “bypass this in 42 different ways without losing your breath” shenanigans and, more importantly, information security. Moreover, fun stuff, basically. A few tutorials might eventually get written on these topics and related. You’ll most likely find me helping others, and can also be found on StackOverflow. I like to help others :slight_smile:

(Besides that, I also ride and fix motorbikes)

Welcome aboard, Seb!

As you may have already noticed, our forums are in demand for contributors. Most of new members here are those who are looking for help with their php problems.

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