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Hi everyone,
I want to build image or media library on the server where I can upload images to before linking the images to any file of my choice like wordpress media library. Where one upload image to.
Please, can anyone guide or send me a tutorial link

Well, not really sure what you are asking us. Normally, if you want to upload images to your own server, you would just use an FTP client to move the images to your folder on your server. Then, you would use links to display them in your webpages or whatever. If you mean you want to know how to upload a file from a webpage to your server, that is simple code. Can you clarify what you need help with?

Oh, also, WP (WordPress) has many templates for uploading images. Most are built into various WP template systems. Are you already using a WP website? If so, what is the name of it? Maybe you are not clear on how to use the ADMIN page for that template?

Thanks very much,
It seems you did not understand the question. You know if anybody built an e-commerce site for you using either Laravel or Wordpress, there is always a page on the admin Panel called Media irrespective of any template you use, From there you can link any image or images to any of your page without uploading directly from your system.
I think I am clear now, that is what I wanted to do on my Admin panel.

Well, yes and no. If you show an image, any images, they have to be on either on the server or on another server with permission to use them. Therefore, in Wordpress, you need to load the picture to a folder on the server and then use the admin panel to assign it to be viewed on whatever page you wish.

If you are asking for code examples to upload files, here is one that explains the upload process, saves the name in a database for easy retrieval and how to display the file from the saved list of filenames. It is NOT linked to Wordpress in any way as WP has it’s own media upload code in the admin panels.

If you are asking for a Wordpress “plugin” for handling uploads and down loads, there are thousands of them, some paid versions some free. Here is a list of some: WP-file-managers

Thanks but you have not yet understood the question,
the attached image will explain it better. Someone used laravel to do this one

I think this image explain what I wanted to build using php and mysql.

Manually? Lots of work! Much easier with a plugin. You mentioned WP, so I gave you a list of plugins for that type of admin page. If you want to do it manually, use the first link I posted. It explains how to upload files. The drag-files-here is just a field with a javascript that takes the filename and downloads it. But, a plug in will do that for you with ease.

thanks very much for making this clear to me.

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