MD5 Download Link

Hey, Im trying to make it so you can download a file and never see its location. I was told to play with the MD5 encryption to do this.

Here is the download link

<?php $id = ""; $url = ""; $fieid = md5 ($id); $fileurl = md5 ($url); echo 'Direct download link'; ?>


It encrypts it beautifully and sends it to another file which would start downloading


<?php $url = $_GET['file']; $file = $_GET['relid']; echo ($url); echo ($file); ?>


2 questions for all of you experienced programmers out there, 1 am I heading the right direction, is this how you secure a URL? and 2 how do you decrypt md5, I know md5 (string) encrypts it but I havent found any site that tels how to reverse it. Thanks

md5 is a hash, not an encyption. that means there is no decryption, and a md5-hash don’t have to be unique (in this case it may be because there are fast more md5 variations than files).

i’m afraid, ur hading the wrong direction

ok, Ill keep researching it. If anyone want to point me in the right direction I appreciate it.

I could be wrong in this, but I would look in to the mcrypt_encrypt() and mcrypt_decrypt() functions. These might be of help.

It has promise, though the decryption doesnt = what was encrypted but I think its becuase it was carried over url and its weird characters not allowed in a url. So I need to find a way to post to another php file without a form.

Thanks for putting me on that trail though!

why do u want to have an url hidden?
maby u have to solve the problem behind that question, instead of trying to hide it.

an other thing u could do is, storing the files u need in a MySQL Table and then just submit the key of the row.

try to find out werther theres a better solution for ur prob than a url encryption.

THE SQL table is brilliant I will give that a go. I am basically setting it so people can download files from me without easily seeing where they are downloading it from. I know there is always a way around it but the majority wont know how.

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