Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded

any idea how to fix that error? tnx

nevermind i got it… :D

i do like this

ini_set('max_execution_time', 3600);

Remember, if your script is taking that long to execute, there may be a problem… - that is unless you are uploading, or parsing extremely long pieces of text :-)

i process almost 6000 in two different tables in one query…

we encounter that error in this year only…
our system runs since January 2006…

Be sure to realize that upping the max execution time of PHP may be the most simplistic, but definately not always the most optimized way of fixing issues like this. Splitting up the number of results from your query for example may cut down your execution time, as well as relieve your host machine’s resources. Keep in mind that exceeding the max execution time can mean many different things, the most common being badly written code (infinite loops and recursive functions/methods are the main suspects). Not saying this is true in your case, but it can be an interesting point of focus.

yes i got your point…

thank you for your idea.
i really appreciate that

thank you very much

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