Managing Mail on Local Network


Hi All.

Newbie to PHP here. I have decided to dive in and start my coding journey with PHP/mySQL.

I do have a little experience, but it is quite a few years since I ‘dabbled’. This time, I will be hoping to take it to the next level and build some functional applications to support my brother in his new business venture.

I think my first step is to try and get at least some level of understanding around the architecture that allows PHP and mySQL to do the stuff it does, and with that in mind, I have sourced myself a cheap laptop upon which I have installed Ubunutu Server 18.04 and will run on a small private [home] network.

I am deploying PHP & mySql of course and I would like to manage mySQL from a GUI. I have ‘touched’ phpMyadmin previously but thought I would check whether this was still a good choice or whether there is an alternative, secure option?

I guess that was my first question. My second is around PHP mail notifications. Any application I am going to have a pop at writing will require email functionality for workflow purposes. E.g. User initiates the application - perhaps through a form - which would then require a second user to do something.
I would want that [application registered] user to be notified that it is their turn to do something. I figure email is the best form of notification so I am hoping that there is an option to send an email from within my script, I guess using the mail(); function?
Ultimately, my question is whether or not I can send an email to a user from within the constraints of a private home network, that of course will have a WAN gateway via my home modem/router?

Many thanks in advance for your support