making pages?

is there a way to make php make a new php page from a code? for example, if i had a website where i want each member to have their own page and i want it to make a new page like

why would u wanna do that?
whats the diftence?
what are the members supposed to do with this site?

can’t you use one site and just modyfy the output depending on a database?

I dont really want to do that, i wanted to know how to do it for something else.

may i ask for what?

[php]file_put_contents ( ‘members/’.$membername.’.php’, filename, ‘<?php ... ?>’)[/php]

be carefull with $membersname so nobody will be able to couse a name like ‘…/index’.

This is possible using the following

$fp = fopen (“".$username.".php”, “w”);

$str = “<” . "?

// and so on

fwrite($fp, $str, strlen($str));

Hope this helps

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