Making a timer.

Hey Guys!
This is my first post on here! And unfortunately its for help on a script and not helping someone else. =( I am currently taking a PHP college course…online. Which is a terrible idea because a professor may not replay for 5+ days. I am about two and a half months in and we have no plans on touching base with object oriented.
So thats my tiny history. I wanted to make a small timer script that would be simple enough to begin with and be able to have added features later on. Just because I wanted a project., thats my script. I have two buttons that should control how the file is being accessed. Start would fopen a txt file and start a seconds timer. as well as setting the values for hour and min to 0. If end is pressed, it reads each line in the txt and does the math.
Ultimately, I would like to be able to resume the time so that the total time keeps growing and but records each time it is stopped or started. I’ve spent a few hours and a few rewrites to break down and ask the question!

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